The only reason why I use this is because I don't know how to host my own site


Commonly Used Socials

Infrequently Used Socials

These are the only platforms I use, and these are the accounts I would label as official.Any account that is not on this list may not be from me.

You can use my content given you're adding your own original stuff to it. You should also attribute it. Straight-up re-uploads are not permitted. Also, I am not okay with 1-hour loops or extensions. If you want to use my full-length content in a compilation, please ask me first.
NOTE: I DO NOT CONSIDER "ADDING ONE EFFECT" OR ADDING A "TRAP-NATION" STYLE AUDIO VISUALIZER TRANSFORMATIVE.If I’ve used any third-party content, beware that those behind the 3rd party content still have rights over that content. For example, avoid using “Cat Pop Bohemian Rhapsody” as a donation alert on your livestream.Note: My content may not be used for or in any of the following:
- Any product that may be sold
- Any content that is unsafe, defined as content that shouldn't be placed in a non age-restricted channel on Discord
- Creepy YT Kids videos (unless the intent is to critisize them)
- Anything that gets distributed via some music distributor like DistroKid, Tunecore, RepostNetwork, or Spotify

Questions that get asked way too often.
(Please avoid asking "can I ask you something" unless there is a good reason to - it wastes time)
I don't take video ideas.

FAQWhat software do you use?
After Effects, Premiere and FL Studio for my videos and Adobe Photoshop for my thumbnails.
Can I draw your characters / OCs?
Yes. You can tag me for this. (Nothing too creepy though!!! I'm serious on this one.)
I am the most focused on my Twitter pfp meaning I'm more likely to respond if it is on that
Can you upload <the audio of this video> to Spotify?
For remixes or covers, no.
Can you upload <the audio of this video> to soundcloud?
No. Soundcloud has a 3 hour upload limit. Everytime I upload a track there I have to also delete one of my previous tracks.
Can you do a tutorial?
I don’t do tutorials on my channel. There are plenty of tutorials out there for you to use.
How long have you been editing for
Since 2016
How do you do the fancy colored subtitles on YouTube?
Aegisub and YTSubConverter
Can I use your content?
Check my re-upload policies
Can I pitch a video idea?
I very rarely accept ideas.
Why are your videos titled so specific?
This communicates the idea of the video.
How long does it take to make a video?
4-16 hours on average.
Next Speed of Kirb episode?
I am unsure.
Computer specs?
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core @ 3.70GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
RAM: 128GB
How do I contact you?
Preferred Twitter DMs. To prevent my DMs from clogging up if you ask me something that is answered here I won’t respond. Also, make sure to exert common sense when doing so.